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Try Giving Strategic vs. Tactical Directions

It’s human nature. People often try to provide solutions rather than define goals but with a little practice, you can communicate your objectives and get a design that best serves your needs. When you take your car

Bravoforté Business Cards

My brand-spanking-new business cards have arrived! Woot! I just love them. Check out the little bit of debossing on the front. I’ve got the forte symbol on the back, which is appropriate since I am a musician

Famous Bass Players who use a [gasp!] pick.

An audience member came up to compliment me on my bass playing after a show I played a couple of weeks ago. He commented on the fact that I used a pick most of the night and

Hyphens, En Dashes and Em Dashes (Don’t Let Friends Dash Incorrectly)

Have you ever wondered why there are three types of dashes and been unsure of which one to use? The following is a basic guideline help you use the right dash, every time. The Hackneyed Hyphen A

Two Spaces After a Period?

This debate marches on, even today when updated information is so readily available. Yes, your high school typing teacher was misguided: two spaces after a period is not really a good practice. I will stop short of

Is Advertising Dead?

I saw this video and it got me thinking, is conventional advertising really dead? Consumers are skeptical of traditional brand messaging. They are relying more and more on referrals from friends or even strangers, on sites like

Designed to Print

As designers, it’s important for us to recognize our shared responsibility with the printer to produce high quality work. It’s easy for us to shirk responsibility and put all the onus on the printer, but that doesn’t

To Cliché, or Not to Cliché…

After seeing a post by a friend about design clichés, it got me thinking. As a designer, we tend to see similar solutions to design problems pretty often. And it’s easy to get jaded about these solutions