Bravoforté Business Cards

Bravoforté Business Cards

My brand-spanking-new business cards have arrived! Woot!

I just love them. Check out the little bit of debossing on the front. I’ve got the forte symbol on the back, which is appropriate since I am a musician too (it means loud or strong in musical terms).

The cards were printed on a letterpress, thanks to my friend, the super-talented Jon Arvizu (Trapdoor Studio). We printed them at his studio on his antique treadle letterpress…that’s right, human-powered printing. Now that’s green. I chose a 2 inch circle for a few reasons: First, it’s small and doesn’t use much paper. Second, it’s distinctive but still fits in a business card sleeve, in case someone wants to keep it. Third, it’s just darn cute.

The card prints 2/1 (that’s two colors on one side and one color on the other for not printing folk). It’s a one-color press, so we did three press runs, on three separate days. Once they were printed, I had my friends at Southwest Foil and Embossing handle the die-cutting for me and voila, cards.

I have heard comparisons to a coaster for a shot glass, a poker chip, Pogs and even pasties (which caused my mind to wander about a possible promotional photo…but I digress). Of course, those pasties are not to be confused with one of my favorite snacks, the delicious pasty, which looks nothing like my card. If you are interested in the edible type, I recommend the Cornish Pasty Company in Tempe and Mesa, AZ but once again, I digress.

Here’s some video of Jon and I running the letterpress. Some of the clips were shot on my iPhone and some on my Flip camera.

Let me know your thoughts. Are you a letterpress fan? Do you hate odd-shaped cards? Do you like pasties?

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